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At, we believe that health insurance is important for everyone. That’s why we provide the latest news and information on all things health insurance, so you can make the best decisions for you and your family. Whether you’re looking for information on Obamacare, Medicare, or Medicaid, we have you covered. Plus, our easy-to-use website makes it easy to find the right health insurance plan for you. Visit us today and get started on securing your family’s future!

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Simplify care in 2023 with a digital front door -

- Kelly Nguyen

With eCommerce and SaaS companies delivering frictionless digital-first experiences, patients today often get frustrated with their somewhat less digital-forward healthcare providers. Paying via check, handwritten patient intake forms, calling to make an appointment – these are now widely considered to be artifacts of a bygone era. However, many healthcare providers still operate this way, which can hurt the patient experience. Recent data from Experian Health and PYMNTS found that 61% of patients would consider switching… Simplify care in 2023… Read More

What Are Patients Looking for in a Doctor? It Depends on Who You Ask…and Their Race -

- Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

While the same proportion of Black and White patients say they are looking for a doctor with empathy and compassion, there are relatively large differences between patients based on their race, found in the Everyday Health-Castle Connolly Physician-Consumer study.             The survey was conducted in December 2022 among a group of 1,001 U.S. consumers and 277 Castle Connolly health care professionals. As the first bar chart illustrates “where patients differ, “Black people were nearly… Read More

Perspective: Physicians should be sole decision-makers -

Predictive analytics in EHRs aren't yet effective enough for clinical decision support at the point of care. Read More

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